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Clarks Trojan Trek shoes

Clarks Trojan Trek shoes

Clarks has teamed up with Trojan Records for a 40th anniversary version of its Desert Trek  shoes, which are appropriately renamed the Clarks Trojan Trek shoes.

Clarks 20 per cent voucher code

Want some new Clarks footwear? Here's a code that gets you a good few quid knocked off. Enter the word BESUNNY at the checkout and you'll get 20 per cent off your purchase. That's it – applicable to everything in the online store over £50, as far as we know. […]

Clarks Originals Millerain desert boots

The new Clarks Originals desert boots are out ow, pretty much the same as all that have come before them. Except for this version, with an upper in British Millerain canvas. At first glance, it looks like a suede finish, but that upper is more of a waxed canvas, probably […]

Clarks x Loopwheeler desert boots

Here's something for the 'how much?' brigade when they make it the UK in small numbers. I'm talking about the Clarks x Loopwheeler desert boots. It's the classic Clarks desert boot with a makeover – the suede upper being mixed with a Japanese knitted fabric made on a machine called […]

Clarks Dixon Point loafers

The loafer is something you love or loathe, with the tassel adding an extra love/hate dimension. So these Clarks Dixon Point loafers will be playing to a limited, but significant audience, despite their good looks. It's a classic look though, in a high shine black leather, it also has a […]