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Baracuta G34 Mod Monkey Jacket

It’s a shame that Baracuta sticks its new logo onto the lower-end items of its range, but not on most of the higher-end products. It doesn’t exactly do the lower-to-mid priced items any favours. Like this Baracuta G34 Mod Monkey Jacket. It’s a like or hate jacket anyway, a mix […]

Lance Peacoat by Dr Denim

We featured this on our His Knibs site a few days back, but I suspect that the Dr. Denim Lance Peacoat will have a few fans here too. Slightly different from your average high street peacoat firstly because of the colour options – a slightly more unusual black, grey and […]

Anoka rain jacket by Penfield

Probably better known for anoraks, parkas and general winter wear, Penfield is now offering a classic raincoat, going by the name of the Penfield Anoka rain jacket. It's about as traditional as it comes at first glance. Up close, it's a slightly different story, with the coat made of a […]

Four Seasons dogtooth coat

Another winner off the high street – this Four Seasons dogtooth coat, complete with a 60s twist. That slimline shape and dogtooth print certainly leans it towards that decade, with a small pleated funnel neck, two front pockets and three large round buttons finishing off the detailing. If you want […]

Wool pea coat by Ralph Lauren

There are a lot of pea coats about, but this Ralph Lauren wool pea coat is certainly at the classier end of the range. A classy and classic coat, this Polo Ralph Lauren take on the pea coat, is in a mid-grey wool, with black double breasted button front fastening, […]

Baracuta G29 Longford reefer jacket

Once upon a time, you knew where you stood with Baracuta. But these days, an obsession with logos and a big increase in the company's range has made it harder to pick out the good from the not so good. The former tending to be items that don't carry a […]

Wool pea coat at Uniqlo

You can tell winter is approaching as the Uniqlo wool pea coat is back on the racks and the website. As ever, it work because it doesn't try to be clever, it's just a typical wool pea coat for an affordable price. That means two runs of buttons on the […]

A.P.C. introduces classic Trench Mac

A classic is back for the rainy season (if it's not already the rainy season where you are) – the A.P.C Trench Mac. Yes, it's a classic trench coat, the kind of thing A.P.C. does so well. In this case, the double-breasted trench is available in navy or cream, made […]