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Gainsbourg – DVD / Blu-ray details

Not long out of the cinema, the recent biopic of Serge Gainsbourg, which went by the name of Gainsbourg, is heading to DVD and Blu-ray. Both are set for release on 10th January 2011, so you might want to save some of your Christmas money if you were a fan […]

The Avengers 50th anniversary DVD set

OK, I'll admit I've not been able to get all the details of this, despite chasing up the company, the PR and anyone else who will listen. But I have enough to get a rough idea of what The Avengers 50th anniversary DVD set will offer up. For a start, […]

Paul Weller – CD/DVD set incoming

Paul Weller's next release is called Find The Torch, Burn The Plans, it's a 'CD/DVD Deluxe Album' and its out on November 29th on Island Records What is it? Well, according to the label, it's a 'lavishly packaged and highly covetable DVD and CD package' mixing a 26-track live set […]

This Is England 86 gets DVD release

I think the term 'mixed response' probably sums up the reaction to This Is England 86. Some love it, some hate it, some just drifted off after the first episode. Anyway, if you happen to be enjoying it and want to enjoy it again and again…well, it's coming out on […]

Mulberry Bush – DVD/Blu-ray details

We said it was coming, now we have full details of the BFI's DVD and Blu-ray release of Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. According to the BFI, this 1968 coming of age cult classic is released on 13th September 2010, with the first-time disc release offered 'fully uncut […]

Modesty Blaise – first time on UK DVD

It's been around elsewhere for some time, but Second Sight is soon releasing Modesty Blaise for the first time on DVD in the UK. It's out in 22nd September 2010 and judging by the advance details we've been sent, will not come with any extras, give or take an original […]

Oil City Confidential – DVD launch

Ok, you might have seen it when it was on the BBC – and it's not clear whether the DVD release has an extras or extra footage on it – but if you want to own Oil City Confidential on DVD, you can from this Monday, 12th July 2010. But […]

Rock 'n' Roll London DVD

Any of you seen this? Perhaps the worst DVD cover in the history of the format and not something that says 'buy me' in any way at all. Yet the Rock 'n' Roll London DVD just might be an interesting watch. It's hosted by Art Wood. Yes, that Art Wood, […]