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Pushin' and Shovin' book reviewed

Some of you might recall Don Hughes' first book from last year, called Friday On My Mind. It was well received both here and generally. Enough for Don to produce a second instalment, going by the name of Pushin' and Shovin'. Paul 'Smiler' Anderson has done an in-depth review of […]

Friday On My Mind – 2nd edition

Regular readers might well be familiar with Friday On My Mind by Don Hughes, but if you've not yet picked up a copy, you might like to know thay a 2nd edition has been published. if you missed it, it's one man's tale of life as a mod in the […]

Friday on my Mind book reviewed

We did mention it briefly some time back, but now we have a review of the Friday on my Mind book online. The book is an autobiography from Don Hughes, detailing his early years, his entry into the mod scene, his experiences of it in the capital and its eventual […]

Friday on my Mind – follow-up

Ok, we mentioned this yesterday, when details were vague. Well, the author of Friday on my Mind, Don Hughes, has sent over some more details. According to Don, Friday on my Mind 'chronicles my life from a 50s childhood to when I reached eighteen in 1967. Focusing on my home […]

Friday on my Mind by Don Hughes

I'll be honest, I know very little about Friday on my Mind by Don Hughes and there's no word on a review copy incoming, so you'll have to buy blindly. According to the flyer that's just appeared on the Modculture Facebook site, the book, which has been produced via self-publishing […]