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The Ivy Look book reviewed

We previewed it months ago, but finally, The Ivy Look by Graham Marsh and JP Gaul has finally been released. Not only released, we have a review of it online too. Subtitled 'An Illustrated Pocket Guide', it pretty much aims to be just that, covering the look, the detailing and […]

Madras button-down shirt by J.Press

 It's a button-down with a heritage to match anything out there, but the J.Press button-down madras shirt isn't that easy to buy. Unless you happen to be in its native USA. It's a timeless ivy league classic and still fitting cutting a fine figure today, whether you go for the […]

1960s Take Ivy book reissued

Look out for a review of The Ivy Look by Graham Marsh and JP Gaul, but also make a note of a very interesting reissue in the coming weeks covering similar style ground – Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida. Originally released in Japan to great acclaim in 1965, the book […]

J. Simons to return online

The store closed down at the start of 2010 and we wondered if the name J. Simons would continue. It seems that is the case. Gone is the Russell Street store, but according to a new website, 'the new shop will be opening soon'. Not only that, the legendary mod-friendly […]

Sebago 1946 Collection loafers

Not everyone loves a loafer, but if you do, you might be interested in a very limited edition from years gone by – the Sebago 1946 loafers. The shoe is a handsewn penny loafer, produced from 'the finest leather' (their words, not ours). They will be available in the UK […]

Boden silk knitted ties

Can't say I'm overly wild about the menswear Boden, always comes across as a bit 'dress down Friday' (or at least, that's the way it's sold). But their silk knitted ties look pretty tasty. Particularly like the spotted ones, 100 per cent silk, with a silk backing for reinforcement and […]