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Brutus does a 'sporty' Harrington

Not sure what you'll make of this, but Brutus has produced its first Harrington Jacket, but it's not a straight copy of a classic Harrington. This one is described as 'sporty'. It has the collar and the shape, not to mention a tartan check lining. But it has zip, rather […]

Lacoste Elias Blouson Jacket

One day I might do a top 5 or top 10 Harringtons article, because Baracuta is no longer the only player in town these days (although their higher-end range is still edging it right now). Anyway, in the meantime, here's another option – the Lacoste Elias Blouson Jacket. This is […]

Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series

Some of you might be aware of the Ivy illustrated books, superb pocket guides to the ivy league look that came out of Japan some years back. They went quickly and are now very collectable. Which is why we think these Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series books should be snapped […]

Fred Perry cloth bomber jacket

New on the shelves is a twist on a classic – this Fred Perry cloth bomber jacket. Slightly different to the traditional cotton jackets, this one is made of a soft, lightweight Tencel cloth, but features all the classic detailing – twin-tipped collar and cuffs, elasticated waistband, couple of pockets, […]

Slim-fit Harringtons reduced online

Slightly related to the last story, at least in terms of brand. But this is a classic at a reduced price, specifically the Baracuta G9 Slim Fit Made In England Harringtons, which are marked down in the sale at End Clothing. There are various ones marked down, all limited stock […]

Madness by Ben Sherman range

I'm not featuring these because I like them. Far from it. But if nothing else, the Madness by Ben Sherman range is a talking point. A rather strange collaboration between a mod-related label (at least, once upon a time) and 'bloke' band Madness, it offers up polo shirts, a Harrington […]

Pretty Green tweed pea coat

I spend a lot of time ripping into Pretty Green on this site. Not because I want to, but because the label falls short on many fronts – not least in where it's actually pitched. Is it knocking out cheap t-shirts or high-end formal wear? Who knows. Anyway, the label […]

Discount Harringtons at Baracuta

I’m not sure if it’s an official sale, but there’s a lot of stock in the sale section right now at the Baracuta site, polo shirts and knitwear for example, but also a number of Harrington jackets. Specifically, the range of G9 Cool Slim Fit Harrington jackets (plus some others) […]