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Pretty Green tweed pea coat

I spend a lot of time ripping into Pretty Green on this site. Not because I want to, but because the label falls short on many fronts – not least in where it's actually pitched. Is it knocking out cheap t-shirts or high-end formal wear? Who knows. Anyway, the label […]

Discount Harringtons at Baracuta

I’m not sure if it’s an official sale, but there’s a lot of stock in the sale section right now at the Baracuta site, polo shirts and knitwear for example, but also a number of Harrington jackets. Specifically, the range of G9 Cool Slim Fit Harrington jackets (plus some others) […]

Tweed Harrington jacket by A.P.C

Far from the cheapest Harrington you'll find on the market, but this A.P.C Tweed Harrington jacket is certainly one of the classier out there. The Parisian label once more puts its own twist on a classic, this time offering the Harrington in a 100 per cent wool tweed, complete with […]

Baracuta G29 Longford reefer jacket

Once upon a time, you knew where you stood with Baracuta. But these days, an obsession with logos and a big increase in the company's range has made it harder to pick out the good from the not so good. The former tending to be items that don't carry a […]

Levi's 1960s Type III denim jacket

If you're in the market for a classic and indeed timeless denim jacket, this 1960s Levi's Type III denim jacket might just fit the bill. Specifically dating from 1967 and designed as a 'trucker' jacket, it has a slim profile (pre-shrunk, so buy your actual size), with two side adjusters, […]

Baracuta G10 'Farnley' jacket

Officially classic as a harrington jacket, the Baracuta G10 'Farnley' slim-fit jacket is anything but the traditional harrington. This G10 variation keeps some of the detailing, but looks more like a bomber jacket, with elasticated, tipped collar, cuffs and hem, although it does keep those distinctive front pockets. The 'super […]

Fred Perry Harris Tweed Harrington

Of course, just to pre-empt the 'how much?' brigade, you can get cheaper Harringtons and we've featured them on this site until we're blue in the face. But for something a little different, check out this Fred Perry Harris Tweed Harrington. Produced, no doubt, for when the temperatures plummet over […]

El Ganso 1960s-style bomber jackets

We had these recommended to us over at our Retro To Go site, but the El Ganso 60s-style bomber jackets also site nicely on this site too. Not a million miles away from a style Fred Perry where/are known for, it's a classic bomber shape in a various colours, each […]