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Mods and Absolute Beginners

Feature: Five must-buy books on mod

There’s no shortage of books on the market with a direct of indirect link to the world of mod. But which ones are actually worth buying? Here’s five mod books that are certainly worthy of your cash – and if you like these, there are plenty more to choose from […]

eBay watch: Generation X book

We have featured this before when it's landed on eBay, but as it's long out of print and always popular, we'll flag up a 'new' copy of Generation X by Charles Hamblett & Jane Deverson, which has just landed on the auction site. One of our five must-buy mod-related books, […]

eBay watch: Generation X book

Bit of a bargain on eBay – the Generation X book by Charles Hamblett and Jane Deverson. We featured it in our five must-buy books feature some time back and as we mentioned then, Deverson was commissioned by Woman's Own to find out the thoughts of the youth of 1963/64. […]