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Aertex x John Simons range – images

Sadly, you can't go out and buy it right now, but when it does hit the shelves, you'll know if you want any of the Aertex x John Simons range, as we have advanced shots of a good amount of it.

John Simons – new shirt designs

The website is still some time off, but luckily, the new stock at John Simons does appear via the medium of social networks, so we can get an idea of what's just landed. The new shirts are likely to appeal to the ivy-leaning mods out there, especially the popover blue […]

J. Simons – store opening date

We mentioned about the new store coming a few weeks back, but now we have details of the actual opening of the new J. Simons. Just to remind you, the J. Simons store has closed in Covent Garden, with a new one opening at 46 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QR, […]

J. Simons – new London store

The old one has departed Covent Garden, but a new John Simons store (aka J. Simons) will be open soon, albeit in a different area of central London. The new store will be at 46 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QR, offering 'all the aspects of my lifelong experiences in modernist […]