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Kent Records Shoes t-shirt

Kent label t-shirts from Ace Records

I know not everyone gets along with a t-shirt, but with a mini heatwave round the corner, it might not be a bad idea to have one or two to hand. There are more than that number at Ace Records, which has just boosted its range with these Kent label […]

Two Cat Records label update

You may or may not know that the people behind the Double Breasted fanzine have a record label – with Two Cat Records focusing on good 'ol fashioned vinyl.

Cover Art of Studio One Records

Cover Art of Studio One Records

It’s got the name Steve Barrow attached to it (as interviewed by this site in the past), so we can assume that The Cover Art of Studio One Records, a new book on Soul Jazz, is well worth checking out.

Story Of Trojan Records box set

I keep saying I’m not updating the site until the new one goes live, but then I see things that perhaps are worthy of a news story a little sooner than that. Like The Story Of Trojan Records box set.