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eBay watch: Mods in the Observer

I'm not recommending you buy this unless you happen to be loaded today, but if you are browsing a box of old magazines and see an Observer magazine from 1967 (you've a 1 in 52 chance), you might get lucky with this one. It features what looks like an extensive […]

New Shindig! out now

If you've exhausted the festive Radio Times and fancy something with more depth and music content, the new issue of Shindig! is out now. Issue is available online or in the better newsagents right now, with content including features on The Soft Machine, Allied Records, Euphoria, Merrell Fankhauser, The Lovin' […]

Shindig! Annual number 3

Remember when Christmas just wasn't complete without a hardback annual wrapped up under the Christmas tree? Well, you could still get someone to buy you a Beano or Dandy – or you could get something more in keeping with your current age and tastes. Like Shindig! Annual number 3. Yes, […]

Shindig! issue 19 out now

You'd think, with all the advertising I've given 'em over the years, that I might be on a free copy one day. Oh well, I live in hope – in the meantime, there's a new Shindig! on the market. Anyway, as the cover suggests, the new issue (November/December, but out […]

eBay watch: 1960s Rave magazines

Some real bargains on eBay right now, specifically these mod to late-60s Rave magazines. We have featured the magazine before, a teen/hipster magazine that ran through the 60s and into the early 1970s, with some issues well worth seeking out, especially if the price is right. The price is right […]

eBay watch: 1960s Tiger Beat! magazine

Just noticed this quirky little thing on eBay – a copy of Tiger Beat! magazine from the 1960s. This July 1966 edition includes a special 'magazine inside a magazine' called 'Mod Mag', 19 pages edited in England and including something called From London With Luv, packing an exclusive column on […]

The Birds in new Shindig!

Cheers to Smiler for dropping us a line about the new issuee of Shindig! Two articles might be of interest to you. Firstly, Smiler himself has put together a piece on cult 60s beat band The Birds, a five page article with unseen photos of The Birds and some words […]

eBay watch: 1960s Scooter magazines

Whilst looking for something completely different (as is always the case), I just found this small selection of Scooter and Three Wheeler magazine from the 1960s. There are six issues in total, five with a 'Buy It Now' of £12.50, but one issue at just 99p as part of a […]