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The Modernist Magazine

Not as interesting as perhaps the title suggests, the Modernist Magazine is primarily about modernism in the design and architecture sense. Although the opening issue does contain a feature about mods too. The magazine is the work of the Manchester Modernist Society, which organise events and talks around midcentury and […]

Ken Garland Galy Tots print at Trunk

Some interesting and original 1960s design, courtesy of Ken Garland and this Galt Toys print. Ken Garland was art editor of Design Magazine, and eventually set up Ken Garland And Associates in 1963, for whom he did work for James Galt And Sons, much of which is highly sought-after by […]

Herb Lester vintage New York map

Remember the 1960s London map we featured a while back? Well, the same  Herb Lester Associates have produced another vintage-style map, going by the name of Where The Sidewalk Ends: How to find old New York. This time, the imagery is the work of noted illustrator Jim Datz, with the […]

This Is Tomorrow catalogue reprint

A while back, some people mentioned they'd like to see more art on the site. Not the 'painting of scooters' or 'Twiggy on a canvas' kind of mass-produced art, but serious, collectible art from the midcentury era. Well, a rather convenient starting point has just returned – the This Is […]

BT Tower re-opens to public

Whether it actually re-open as a boutique hotel complete with that revolving restaurant isn't clear, so the opportunity to get into the BT Tower (formerly the Post Office Tower) next month is certainly one for your diary. Currently used by BT for administration and the occasional publicity shot and party, […]