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Britac Oxford shirts

If you're a fan of Britac's 60s-style shirts, you might be interested in the new Britac Oxford shirt range. I'm guessing these are aimed at the converted as the images on the site don't exactly give a lot away, especially with the big logo on the front of the images […]

Mikkel Rude – new shirts now online

I'll be honest, I'm a big Mikkel Rude fan, I think his 60s-style shirts are some of the best out there right now for both fit and for having an individual look when it comes to the cloths used. So new shirts are always welcome – and some have just […]

The Big Mess Around – Oxford

As it's their first event and they've obviously put a lot if time and effort into it, I'm just giving a final mention to the forthcoming The Big Mess Around in Oxford. As we said previously, it is a mod-friendly event, featuring two live bands, the Top Cats ska band […]