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Real McCoys M-1951 parka

Ignore the price, you were never going to buy one anyway. But admire the sheer pointlessness of the work put into creating the Real McCoys M-1951 parka. Out of Japan of course. Well, it just has to be. The company has reproduced the thick fabric used in 1951 to produce […]

Gant does a parka

Flipping through Esquire last week, I noticed a piece on Gant, essentially saying that the company has gone for a classic/preppy look in tune with its roots for the new season. So, armed with my scepticism, I headed over there and amongst the mass of rugby tops and bad shorts, […]

ASOS fishtail parka for women

I was sent the latest ASOS magazine the other day and whilst browsing it this very afternoon, noticed the ASOS fishtail parka in the women's range. Here's the wording:'Sourced from as far afield as Canada, this voluminous fishtail parka – with its button-out lining, draw-string hem details and hood – […]