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Video: Steve Ellis with Paul Weller – Lonely No More

by Modculture 23 March, 2018

The first track / single from the upcoming Steve Ellis album is out in the wild, going by the name of Lonely No More. Continue Reading

NME Gold: Paul Weller magazine out now

by Modculture 26 February, 2018

Not actually seen a copy myself, but apparently the NME Gold: Paul Weller magazine is out now. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Steve Ellis – Boom! Bang! Twang! on CD and vinyl

by Modculture 6 February, 2018

Working alongside Paul Weller, Steve Ellis has a new album ready to go on CD and vinyl, with the unusual title of Boom! Bang! Twang! Continue Reading

Young Men From Woking – A Guide to the Bootlegs of The Jam

by Modculture 20 December, 2017

This a crowdfunding project, so if you want a copy of Young Men From Woking – A Guide to the Bootlegs of The Jam, you need to support it. Continue Reading

The Jam head up the new Mojo magazine

by Modculture 16 November, 2017

It says January, but the new Mojo magazine will be to a lot sooner than that. Continue Reading

The Jam – 1977 40th Anniversary Box Set (Universal)

by Modculture 19 October, 2017

The Jam’s new 1977 box set covering the band’s first eventful recording year over four CDs and one DVD reviewed by Claire Mahoney. Continue Reading

The Jam and a Vision of The Albion by Derek D’Souza (Studio Skellett)

by Modculture 17 August, 2017

Claire Mahoney reviews Derek D’Souza’s new The Jam and a Vision of The Albion book of photos capturing the band its height. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Paul Weller – Mother Ethiopia limited edition vinyl

by Modculture 15 August, 2017

Paul Weller has just dropped (as the kids say) Mother Ethiopia, which is landing as a limited edition piece of vinyl next month. Continue Reading