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More (1969)

I first saw this as a late night channel 4 screening many years back. Fasty forward and More is now out on Blu-ray. Does this Pink Floyd-soundtrack movie still cut the mustard?

More (1969) gets a Blu-ray release

It’s a film that would probably have been long-forgotten but for its soundtrack. However, More has that early Pink Floyd soundtrack (when they were called The Pink Floyd) and is being issued on Blu-ray by the BFI for the first time soon.

The Syd Barrett colouring book

Readers of our Retro To Go site might recall the Joy Division colouring book. Well, the people behind that, Piper Gates Design, have produced a second instalment of what's being called the 'doomed poet' series with the introduction of the Syd Barrett colouring book. Yes, that's right, you can spend […]