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Polka dot silk scarves at Aero

Polka dot silk scarves at Aero

Once upon a time, it was all about Tootal. But these days, scarves are all over, with plenty of choice to get the same ‘look’ These polka dot silk scarves at Aero should certainly be considered.

Pretty Green polka dot shirts

Not long ago, you couldn't find a polka dot shirt anywhere. Then Adam of London brought some back, followed by some recent polkas by TukTuk. Now there's some polka dot shirts by Pretty Green.

Universal Works Polka Dot Red Scarf

Tootal still rules the roost whe it comes to 60s-style scarves, but it's far from the only maker. When I get time, I'll knock together an article of all the contenders. In the meantime, here's another we've just spotted – the Universal Works Polka Dot Red Summer Scarf. It's a […]

60s-style Esther Top from EC Star

With vast swathes of dresses available from retro reproduction brands, it's often difficult to find separates that excite in the same way. EC Star have pulled it off with aplomb, though, with this Esther Top. The sleeveless blouse captures the crossover between late fifties and early sixties style with ease, […]