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Quadrophenia (1979)

It’s incredibly difficult to review Quadrophenia as a movie in the modern era. Many of us have been brought up with it, been inspired by it and ultimately distanced ourselves from its movie simplistic view of what ‘Mod’ is. But try to take away any pre-conceptions you may have and […]

Quadrophenia exercise book

And I quote: 'A must for Who fans, scooter boys, 60s buffs, retired Mods and anyone who loved the album or the film'. Is that you? Well, this Quadrophenia exercise book is aimed right at you. In all seriousness, it's not very high brow, but this Quadrophenia exercise book will […]

London Weekend Show '79

Cheers to Spectre off the forums for finding this interesting TV show from 1979 – the London Weekend Show. Presumably a 'yoof' show from the era, this particular episode focuses on the run-up to the launch of the Quadrophenia movie and the mod scene developing at the time. Certainly some […]

eBay watch: Quadrophenia novel – 99p

I know we've featured this before, but I also know a number of you are still looking for a copy, so I'm glad to flag up any cheap copies of the Quadrophenia novel by Alan Fletcher – like this one. Long out of print (probably not been printed since its […]

Mod Crop The Musical returns

It was running last year and now Mod Crop The Musical is returning for another run in Nottingham. Written by Steve Wallis and Quadrophenia novelist Alan Fletcher, the story is set in 1965 and based on Brummel's Last Riff, the latter writers' first novel in his Mod Crop Trilogy. It's […]

Bettye Lavette does The Who

Soul singers covering rock tunes isn't a new thing – we did a Spotify playlist of some a while back, but here's one I missed – Bettye Lavette doing The Who's Love Reign O'er Me. According to this YouTube clip, the track was recording for some kind of event honouring […]

eBay watch: Quadrophenia novel

I know I've featured this before, but there's a new copy of Alan Fletcher's Quadrophenia on eBay – and with just over 2 days to go, it's up there for next to nothing. Specifically, as I write, it's up for £1.04, described as in excellent condition and as you probably […]