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Brighton Rock DVD update

We mentioned this a while back, but we've just got all the details of the Brighton Rock DVD and Blu-ray release, including those all-important extras. The release date stays the same, you can secure a copy on both formats from Monday 20th June 2011. You probably know the storyline of […]

Brighton Rock DVD release

It didn't exactly get a glowing review off us at the start of the year, but some people did like the mid-friendly remake of Brighton Rock. If you are one of them, you might want the DVD. The DVD, as well as the Blu-ray, have now both been confirmed for […]

Brighton Rock + Q&A at NFT

Ahead of the full cinema release, there's a preview in January of the remake of Brighton Rock in London. Of course, its a new adaptation of the Graham Green tale, this time set in the 1960s and amongst the mods of the era. Is it as good as the Boulting […]

Brighton Rock 2010 – release date

It's been talked about for some time and filming was finished some months back, but you'll have to wait even longer to see the new version of Brighton Rock. Friday February 4th 2011 is the official release date for the UK, although there might be the odd preview screening beforehand. […]