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Review: The Reaction – Shapes Of Things To Come (Bristol Archive)

by Modculture 9 February, 2018

Claire Mahoney checks out this new compilation from the 1980s Bristol-based mod band The Reaction. Continue Reading

Film review: The Pleasure Girls (1965)

by Modculture 27 October, 2017

A ‘60s teen flick featuring Lovejoy, an infamous character from Coronation Street and Klaus Kinski? It has to be The Pleasure Girls. Continue Reading

Psych in Southport: What’s Good For The Goose (1969)

by Modculture 27 October, 2017

No flat caps and No ‘Mr Grimsdale ‘here, but you do get both the swinging sixties and the Pretty Things in What’s Good For The Goose. Continue Reading

Blow-Up (1966)

by Modculture 21 October, 2017

Leading Italian director, Michelangelo Antonioni, attempted to capture London during the swinging sixties in his first British film, Blow-Up. Continue Reading

Something Beginning With O by Kevin Pearce

by Modculture 17 September, 2017

Kevin Pearce’s ode to mod and pop culture from the 1960s onwards is given a second viewing. Continue Reading

Who The Hell Is Frank Wilson by Pete McKenna

by Modculture 25 May, 2017

I’ve been meaning to read Who The Hell Is Frank Wilson by Pete McKenna for some time. In the last week I finally got around to it. Continue Reading

Ready Steady Girls by Jason Brummell, Ian Snowball and Mark Baxter (Suave Collective Publishing)

by Modculture 17 November, 2016

Claire Mahoney reviews the limited edition Ready Steady Girls book, which is devoted to the women of the mod scene. Continue Reading

Reviewed: The Jam About The Young Idea exhibition in Liverpool

by Modculture 4 July, 2016

Claire Mahoney is first through the door as The Jam’s About The Young Idea exhibition makes its debut at the Cunard Building in Liverpool. Continue Reading