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BBC mods and rockers gallery

Think this is a new gallery (although I've seen some of the photos before), so this mods and rockers gallery on the BBC Sussex site is worth a quick look. According to the site, all the images are from the bank holiday riots of 1964 in the area – so […]

Stanley Cohen interview online

The name might not be familiar, but Stanley Cohen wrote the Folk Devils and Moral Panics: Creation of Mods and Rockers – and there’s an interview online with him.

Mods & Rockers by Gareth Brown

I've just spotted this on Amazon, so I know as much as you about the forthcoming Mods & Rockers: The Origins of a British Scene by Gareth Brown (who you may recall, wrote the Scooter Boys book). Published by Independent Music Press on 23rd September, it's a 128-page book with […]