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Hardy Amies tassel loafers

Hardy Amies tassel loafers

When we flagged up the promotional video for the upcoming Hardy Amies range, it seemed to go down very well. On the evidence of these Hardy Amies tassel loafers, the clobber might go down well too. With the possible exception of the price.

Clarks Trojan Trek shoes

Clarks Trojan Trek shoes

Clarks has teamed up with Trojan Records for a 40th anniversary version of its Desert Trek  shoes, which are appropriately renamed the Clarks Trojan Trek shoes.

Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series

Some of you might be aware of the Ivy illustrated books, superb pocket guides to the ivy league look that came out of Japan some years back. They went quickly and are now very collectable. Which is why we think these Gakken Mook Fashion Text Series books should be snapped […]

Sebago Oxblood Penny Loafers

Loafers aren't to everyone's taste, but if they appeal to you, these Sebago Oxblood High Shine Leather Penny Loafers might well tick the right boxes. An ivy-inspired gem, these Sebago loafers, as well as having that high gloss finish, have a hand-sewn toe and heel, along with a black sole. […]

Clarks Dixon Point loafers

The loafer is something you love or loathe, with the tassel adding an extra love/hate dimension. So these Clarks Dixon Point loafers will be playing to a limited, but significant audience, despite their good looks. It's a classic look though, in a high shine black leather, it also has a […]

Sir Peter Blake sports shoes

What is it about artists and footwear? We saw the Pete McKee-designed Clarks boots a shirt while back, now we have some footwear from Sir Peter Blake – specifically The First Real Pop Shoe by Sir Peter Blake. It's available for pre-order now with a September delivery date, limited to […]