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Les Mods movie from 1965 online

This was flagged up on the forums and is certainly worth mentioning to a wider audience – Les Mods, a French documentary about London mods from 1965. This is a rough translation of the write-up:Discover the new English youth in the district of Hammersmith, London, particularly 'mods' or new dandies […]

Quadrophenia exercise book

And I quote: 'A must for Who fans, scooter boys, 60s buffs, retired Mods and anyone who loved the album or the film'. Is that you? Well, this Quadrophenia exercise book is aimed right at you. In all seriousness, it's not very high brow, but this Quadrophenia exercise book will […]

Won't Get Fooled Again book

Don't know if this is a reissue, I don't think it is – but I do know Won't Get Fooled Again by Richie Unterberger is out on 1st February 2011 via Jawbone. It's essentially the story of Pete Townshend's Lifehouse project, the ambitious follow-up to Tommy that eventually saw the […]

The Who By Numbers book

This one has passed me by over the summer – indeed, I only noticed it via a review in the recent Shindig! But after reading that, I suspect The Who By Numbers: The Story Of The Who Through Their Music by Steve Grantley and Alan G. Parker with Sean Body […]

The Who Live at Leeds boxset

Not everyone's favourite album by them, but if you are a fan of The Who, I'm guessing you will want the Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Super-Deluxe Collectors Edition. Yes, as you might have worked out, this is a deluxe reissue for one of the most famous live albums of […]

The Who at Filmore posters

The Wolfgang's Vault site has some interesting music content, but it also has some interesting art too – like The Who at Filmore posters. Two separate gigs, the one to the left is the Tommy tour, designed by David Byrd and re-printed on glossy stock and printed in a run […]

Bettye Lavette does The Who

Soul singers covering rock tunes isn't a new thing – we did a Spotify playlist of some a while back, but here's one I missed – Bettye Lavette doing The Who's Love Reign O'er Me. According to this YouTube clip, the track was recording for some kind of event honouring […]