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The Action classic gig posters reprinted

The Action classic gig posters reprinted
The Action classic gig posters reprinted
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The Action classic gig posters look like originals and for good reason. These are originals.

The posters have been reprinted with the approval of Roger Powell and have been reprinted in conjunction with The Action Twitter account. Even better? They don’t cost a lot either.

Take your pick from two classic 1960s gig posters, those being a night at The Marquee and a residency in Putney. The appeal here is the authenticity and the ‘homemade’ aspect of these. Someone produced these as functional items, never intended for use beyond the promotion period of the gig. Each one intended for the bin thereafter. But some survived and as a result, these reproductions are possible.

The Action classic gig posters reprinted
The Action gig posters reprinted


Both of the reproduction posters are A2 in size and available as a limited edition to order online, selling for £7.99 plus postage.

You can get the Marquee poster here and the Putney poster here.

If you’ve never been acquainted with The Action, you really should remedy that. A great place to start is the Shadows and Reflections box set or if you want something more affordable, the Action Packed CD is available for under a fiver.

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