The Jam's Sound Affects Deluxe CD

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It's soon to be 30 years since The Jam released the Sound Affects album. Not something the record label could pass by, so watch out for the The Jam's Sound Affects Deluxe Edition.

In fact, watch out for it on November 1st, a two-disc affair that promises eight previously unheard demos, a new interview with Weller, rare photos – you know the kind of thing.

Full tracklisting over the page. Amazon is already doing the pre-order thing, £11.99 secures you one. Want the full tracklisting? That's over the page.

Find out more at the Amazon website

Disc: 1
1. Pretty Green
2. Monday
3. But I'm Different Now
4. Set The House Ablaze
5. Start!
6. That's Entertainment
7. Dream Time
8. Man In The Corner Shop
9. Music For The Last Couple
10. Boy About Town
11. Scrape Away

Disc: 2
1. Start!
2. Liza Radley
3. That's Entertainment
4. Pretty Green
5. Pop Art Poem
6. Rain
7. Boy About Town
8. Dream Time
9. Dead End Street
10. But I'm Different Now
11. Scrapeaway
12. Start!
13. Liza Radley
14. And Your Bird Can Sing
16. Get Yourself Together
17. Set The House Ablaze
18. Boy About Town
19. No One In The World
20. Instrumental
21. Waterloo Sunset

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