The Mod Crop – mod musical

Alan Fletcher – author of the excellent Mod Crop trilogy of books – is set to turn the first of those books (Brummell’s Last Rift) into a musical about the 60s mod scene in Nottingham.

Set around Nottingham, Newark and the East Coast, The Mod Crop features three kids growing up with peer pressure, new music and scooters around the August bank holiday of 1965, with a set featuring original scooters of the period.

It’s set to launch at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham in June 2009. You can find out more via the MySpace site below.

Mod Crop Musical MySpace

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  1. MIchael De La Belle

    Go see it — it’s gona be a great musical — and you can say — you were there first !! LUV 2 Ya Mike (Andy’s dad!)

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