The new Modculture site is now live

Note that I independently write and research everything in this article. But it may contain affiliate links.

Ok, after a long wait (a very long wait), the new Modculture site is now live.

It’s not the finished article though, more like the first version of the new site, with content still outstanding. The city guides still need your input (and more of our own content adding) and much of the review archives are still to set up. The forums are still under consideration too – but there are plenty of discussion options throughout the site.

The new site has taken so long because it was, technically, a painful job. We had to move content from two different platforms into a third different platform, much of that by hand. There was also the issue of the design and the layout for a new site too.

The new version of Modculture should be easier to use, browse and interact with. It’s also much easier for updating content, so expect news, reviews and listings to go up at a much faster rate.

All in all, this will hopefully be a new start for the site. But we must emphasise the word ‘start’. It’s very much an ongoing project. If you want to contribute anything to go on the new site, feel free to get in touch.

Love Modculture? If you enjoy what you read or have benefitted from it and want to help with the ever-increasing costs of the site and newsletter, you can always buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi. Every penny is helpful and appreciated.


  1. The new site looks great.

  2. Nice one Dave.

  3. Houston, we have lift-off…………>

  4. Excellent work, Mr Walker …. Looking good!

  5. I like the new layout, looking forward to the finished article….nice one Dave…. all great things are worth waiting for…

  6. Wayne Kessler

    Lovely, nice one!

  7. Great work Dave.

  8. very nice layout – good work Mr W!

  9. Great to see the site back

  10. BUtterfield_8

    Very impressed with the new layout. Well done!

  11. Ol_Man_Ian_B

    Good to see some familiar nicks reappearing (although I had to add a bit to mine to register)

    Ian B

  12. Lord Mulberry

    Now where was I?

  13. Good to have you back!

  14. Ted anderews

    love the new look of this great site, well done.

    Keep keepimg on


  15. Looking smart!

  16. Great to have the site back up and running. Will there be a forum at a later date?

  17. northernkoolgent


  18. Lord Mulberry

    Like the blue, clean and sharp

  19. Acton Girl

    Good to have you back Dave!
    Acton Girl x

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