The Prime Movers reform – playing live at The Blues Kitchen in London

The Prime Movers
The Prime Movers
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Interesting to hear that one of the offshoot bands of the legendary Prisoners have reformed and are playing live – and for free. That’s The Prime Movers.

The band, which formed in 1988 and recorded the wonderful Sins of the Fourfathers (which you can hear here via Spotify) are back featuring Graham Day, Allan Crockford & Wolf Howard and presumably (unless they’ve written new stuff) rattling through those late ’80s garage grooves once more.

You can find out for yourself at the Blues Kitchen, 111-113 Camden High Street Camden Town, London N1 7JN on Thursday 2nd May 2013, with support from DJ Rob Bailey.

As we said, the gig is free, so if you are in the area, you’ve no excuse not to turn out.

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  1. Andrew Norrie -Rolfe

    it was a truly legendary gig! packed,hot,sweaty and they never sounded so good as this..2 words blooming marvellous!!

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