The Story of Northern Soul book


Hitting the doorstep with a reassuring 'thud' this morning was a fairly hefty book, going by the name of The Story of Northern Soul by David Nowell.

Published by Portico and now on the shelves (virtual or otherwise), it's essentially an updated version of the long out of print Too Darn Soulful, kicking off with the mod clubs of the 1960s, working its way through the northern scene as it developed, throwing in some anecdotes, photos and flyers plus, in this new version,  a chapter covering developments and changes since 1999, when the original book was first published.

As I said, it's just landed, so no review as yet, but one will follow soon enough. If you want it now, Amazon is selling copies of the 330-page book for the price of just £7.67.

Find out more about the book at the Amazon website

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