The Who – Amazing Journey on DVD

Out on November 5th 2007 is a two-disc DVD set of The Who’s finest moments coupled with rare footage of the band and band members – Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who and Six Quick Ones.

Directed by Paul Crowder, Amazing Journey is the lead feature, telling the story of the band through the music, footage, new interviews with the band, celebrity fans and musicians, plus recently-discovered concert footage, from I Can’t Explain to the band’s most recent tour and recordings.

The Six Quick Ones disc focuses on each individual band member, with a
fifth part looking at the mod scene and the pop art movement and a
final segment where legendary filmmakers The Pennebakers film the band
in the studio recording material for the Then And Now album.

There’s also additional footage of the band throughout the years, most
notably, film of the band as the High Numbers at the Railway Hotel –
the earliest footage of the band known to be in existence, released in
full for the first time.

With a total running time of around four hours, it looks pretty essential for any fan of the band.

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  1. I wondered about this first….is this just a remake of The Kids Are Alright with extra interviews and the long lost hotel gig?

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