The Who's subscription web service

The remaining members of The Who must be short of some Christmas spending money – launching an online subscription service for the band’s output.

For $50 (around £25), you get to become a ‘Wholigan’, giving you exclusive access to content, priority booking for gigs, discounted merchandise and access to blogs and message boards (which all used to be free incidentally). But on the plus side, you also get an exclusive, Wholigan-only 2-CD set of live rarities called View From A Backstage Pass and from 2008, access to every song in the Who’s back catalogue – and the option to download to an MP3 player. Oh yes – and a ‘Who’ email address of your own.

Good value? Depends how big a fan you are I guess. If you want the album, that’s about £12 worth, so an additional £13 for the rest. If you decide it’s worth the money, you can sign up from 5th November.

Find out more at The Who website

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