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The Prisoner's Hollywood makeover

Prisoner_1_1 Not too long ago, we mentioned that Sky was set to remake 60s cult classic The Prisoner, starring ex-Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston, with writing duties falling with Bill Gallagher (writer of gritty dramas such as Clocking Off). Well, the film industry could be about to overshadow them.

According to Variety. Universal Pictures is near a deal for big-time Hollywood Christopher Nolan to direct a feature film version of The Prisoner. The Plan is for Nolan to direct a bad modern day "contemporized" version of The Prisoner. Previous credits for the director include "Memento" and "Insomnia," while scriptwriters Janet and David Peoples wrote "Twelve Monkeys" together.

As usual, we expect little of it, but would like to be pleasantly surprised.

Read the full article from Variety

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