The USB record deck

Usb_turntable_changed_1 If you’ve got a pile of vinyl gathering dust and desperately want to convert it to a digital format, the USB turntable from Ion seems just the thing for you.

Just plug it into a spare socket and spin those tunes. The USB turntable comes with Audacity to enable you to digitise and clean up your record collection and as the unit is plug-and-play, you won’t need to fiddle about with drivers either. It is currently going for $140 (around £80) in the States. No sign of a UK seller as yet.

Via Tech Digest


  1. re USB record deck with USB output, is this the same machine from Maplin’s at,

  2. A fantastic way to turn your old vinyl records into an MP3 format is via the Ion USB Turntable. Now its time to get my old collection out of the attic and wipe down the dust.
    Quite simply, the olden music always strikes me as the best, very unlike all of this modern day crap. The Ion USB Turntable now allows me to bring out the best of the 60’s into the digital world.

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