New mod fiction: Three Mods by Tony Barrett

 New mod fiction: Three Mods by Tony Barrett
New mod fiction: Three Mods by Tony Barrett
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Credit to Jason Brummell’s Facebook group for flagging up the print version of Three Mods by Tony Barrett.

I say ‘print’ because the book was originally produced in instalments for the Amazon Kindle. In fact, I featured one of those instalments on the site at the back end of last year of you recall.

But as people like to hold a product rather than just download it, Tony has decided to make all three books available, printed on demand in an A4 sized publication. It makes sense. We all like to add another book to our shelves and I’m guessing the majority of potential buyers prefer print to download.

The finished book, titled Three Mods: We Will Fight On The Beaches, is essentially the events leading up and including the August Bank Holiday weekend of 1964 as seen through the eyes of three young Mods.

The author goes on to explain:

In 1964 gangs of Mods and Rockers fought battles on the very British beaches Winston Churchill had once sworn to defend. Clacton at Easter and Margate at Whitsun had seen the seaside towns invaded by the scooter and motorcycle youngsters. Now the August Bank Holiday was drawing near and Mods like Steve in Southend on Sea waited to find out which coastal town would be next.

Clacton during Easter Bank Holiday in 1964 had been the coldest on record for over 100 years and a thoroughly dismal weekend but now as Whitsun approached the weather had improved and the Mods were all waiting to find out which would be the next seaside town to be invaded. For one of the original Hastings Mods, Stu Barnes the forthcoming weekend was to change his life in more ways than one and turn his world upside down.

Pamela Haswell was a Southend-on-Sea Mod, known to her friends as ‘Razzle’ for longer than she could remember and with her own scooter she knew that the August Bank Holiday was on the horizon and she would not miss this one having missed Clacton and Margate. Harbouring a crush for one of her group she hoped this weekend would give her the opportunity to finally get him to notice her.

The book is available to order now for £5.99 if you want to give it a go.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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