Tom Jones returns to musical roots

A reason to celebrate in these times of economic crisis – old working-class mod hero Tom Jones has produced a soulful and sensational new single to make us forget our troubles.

Not since 1967 has Mr Jones sounded as good as he does on his new single, the shimmering If He Should Ever Leave You, out November 10th in the UK. Below is a Youtube post that plays the song. We here at Modculture can imagine you all sashaying and spinning around your front room as we type…


  1. Great tune. I’ve heard others off of his “24 Hours” CD and there are some really good songs. Hear that Tom even wrote some himself. Hope this CD gets some great airplay.

  2. When I heard this on the radio today I thought it might be an unreleased track from his 60s repertoire! Its got everything – smooth vocals, nice brass + organ. Top notch Tom – I take my knickers off to you.

  3. heard in on the radio kind of reminds me of don rays born a loser in parts.

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