Tribute Vespa scooter by Digital Veneer

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If you thought the cost of a fully-renovated vintage scoot was a bit pricey, you'll be seriously knocked back by the cost of the Tribute Vespa – and its not even a vintage model.

According to makers, Digital Veneer, each brand new Vespa is transformed by craftsmen into 'an authentic and unique work of art', which includes everything from a mahogany mirror finish to a hand stitched leather seat, taking style prompts from 'legendary speedboats' and 'evoking the glamour and La Dolce Vita of the original'. That's the idea anyway.

Each one of the Vespas carries a numbered limited edition silver plaque and each one takes three weeks to make, plus time to get it shipped from New Zealand. Price? A hefty £8,995 to an even heftier £12,995, depending on which model of Vespa you opt for. More images on the website if you have more money than sense.

Digital Veneer website

Via Retro To Go

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