Velvet Cave dress auctions on eBay


Velvet Cave is the work of 22-year-old designer Imogen Shurey, who is making a name for herself with her 60s and early 70s-inspired dresses. New designs will be shown off later this year, but for now, Velvet Cave has added a number of sourced vintage dresses and coats on eBay for auction.

The dress above is just one example, described as a vintage3 1960s space age dress, in khaki green, white and silver metallic-textured polyester, with straps complete with silver circular buckles round the waist, plus two high slits left and right.

Described as 'excellent' in terms of condition, it's currently at £4.99. Check out eBay for all the items currently available at auction.

Velvet Cave Vintage dresses on eBay

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