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Vespa: All the Models by Giorgio Sarti

Vespa: All the Models by Giorgio Sarti
Vespa: All the Models by Giorgio Sarti
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Looking for a reference guide? Vespa: All the Models by Giorgio Sarti should be the book for you.

Not that this is a guide to vintage Vespas. Yes, the older models are featured. This is a guide to ‘all the models’ and as such, the modern-day Vespas are here too, for better or worse. But if you want a Vespa reference, it’s not a bad option.

The book is described as the ‘most comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue of the Vespa ever compiled’ and as I said, features all the models and versions produced to date, listed year by year through a series of files illustrated with archive materials and accompanied by detailed technical information.

According to the preview, the book is:

An overview unique in its completeness and wealth of data, a resource of particular interest to those who still ride Vespas today, to collectors and to all those who have a place in their heart for the Vespa.

The celebrated scooter born at Pontedera in the immediate post-war years inaugurated a new era of personal mobility, taking on diverse roles with the passing of the years: from a vehicle for out-of-town trips to a symbol of aggregations, from an emblem of freedom to a design icon, from the queen of calendars to a star of competition, without ever losing sight of its primary function, that of the ‘urban’ vehicle par excellence. Over the course of the years,

Piaggio has produced dozens of models, from the overtly utilitarian to the most sporting and through to the Vespa Elettrica of today.

280 pages and available with the cover on the left in the UK, with the one on the right being the one you will get if you order the book in Italy. The UK version is £28 and available to pre-order now.

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