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Video: All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere

All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere
All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere
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Huge thanks to Paul Redhead for flagging up this gem of a vintage documentary – All Dressed Up and Going Nowhere.

It dates back to 1971 and focuses on Newcastle Upon Tyne, following a gang of skinheads knowns as the Scotswood Aggro Boys, talking to them about their life and their local rivalries, including the one with ‘The Hairies’.

It’s also an amazing cultural document, throwing in a Who soundtrack as a nice bonus. It lasts about half an hour and is well worth your time.

See it below….

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  1. brian lane

    Great find and must be a rare clip of Stanley Cohen talking who gave the sixties Mods first academic write up in “folk devils and moral panics”. brilliant.

  2. modculture

    I think Richard Mabey did the academic thing first in the Pop Process (which was written in 1965, but came out in the late ’60s). Sadly, that book is well out of print.

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