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Video: Boom Town – Detroit in the 60s

Boom Town - Detroit in the 60s
Boom Town – Detroit in the 60s
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Not the longest of videos, but some nice footage and sounds in the five-minute Boom Town – Detroit in the 60s.

It might not be at its best in 2013, but back in the 1960s, Detroit was an industrial powerhouse and more relevantly to us, a musical force too. With both in mind, Levi’s and Aaron Rose have put together this mini movie looking at the cars and the Motown and garage scene in the city, using archive footage and voiceovers from  the likes of garage club owner Grande Ballroom Russ Gibb and Motown musician Dennis Coffey.

As we said, only a short thing, but well worth the five minutes.

Via Hypebeast

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