Video: King’s Road Fashion Trail mini movies

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If you are interesting in 1960s fashion and in particular the shops that catered for it, you probably want to check out a series of films under the King’s Road Fashion Trail banner.

There are five clips in the series, the three most relevant to this site being embedded below, with a further two covering Johnson’s the modern outfitters and Paradise Garage.

The three clips below, all directed by Paul Gorman, feature Mary Quant’s Bazaar store, the legendary Granny Takes a Trip with owner Nigel Waymouth plus a piece on Dandie Fashions, which later became Apple Tailoring.

All well worth a few minutes of your time.

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  1. the soundman

    Hold on,what the hell have the above shops got to do with mods?!!?No self respecting mod in the 1960’s would have gone near these shops.They were the haunts of the spoilt litttle rich kids,who were usually given an”allowance”from Daddy.We used shops and tailors in our local areas(mine being Shepherds Bush,Hammersmith&Fulham)We wouldn’t cross the Thames and go south of the river unless it was under the cover of darkness,let alone be seen in Chelsea,Kensington or Knightsbridge(unless,by some stroke of luck,we’d pulled a classy bird!)

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