Video: The Outer Limits – Death Of A Pop Group

The Outer Limits - Death Of A Pop Group
The Outer Limits – Death Of A Pop Group
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Tip of the hat to top DJ Andy Lewis for flagging up The Outer Limits – Death Of A Pop Group on YouTube. Well worth checking out.

The Outer Limits were a 1960s beat band out of Leeds, who had singles released on the Deram and Immediate labels, before splitting up due to a lack of breakout success.

This documentary covers the breakup of the band and features interviews, footage and a bot of footage of mods in the late ’60s in Leeds. As you probably know, the mod scene didn’t just go away in 1964, it lived on outside of London for some years, finally morphing itself into the northern soul scene.

Anyway, lasts just under a quarter of an hour and is an interesting watch. Note that the documentary by Yorkshire TV is voiced by Austin Mitchell, later a Labour MP.

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