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Watch it: Paul Weller One – a film by Andy Crofts

Paul Weller One - a film by Andy Crofts
Paul Weller One – a film by Andy Crofts
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The problem with not updating the site over the festive season means that there are a few things that get missed. This new film on Paul Weller by Andy Crofts being one of them.

You presumably know that Andy Crofts is singer / guitarist with The Moons, but more relevantly here, he is also part of the current Paul Weller set-up / band, which is how this film has come around.

Andy has made this film over a year or so, describing it as a ‘true labour of love’, adding that:

‘One is one year in the life of Paul Weller and his band. It’s a montage of sights and sounds we have witnessed on our travels around the world. I wanted to make something real for the fans that they haven’t seen before.’

It’s a fascinating watch (especially if you are a Weller fan) and a fairly lengthy one too at just under an hour and 20 minutes. You can see it below or at the YouTube site if you prefer.

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