Weller secret gig tickets

Weller_suit_1 It was 1990 and no-one wanted to know him, the Style Council split and he couldn’t get a deal. Which was a shame as he’d just produced his finest body of work.

Fast forward to 2006 and the media big wigs are falling over themselves to give him a Brit award for making them lots of cash – sorry, I mean give him a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award". To warm up for his TV mini greatest hits session, Paul Weller is doing a "secret" gig (ok, not that secret, I’m telling you now) for a select bunch of fans. Selected by their ability to fill in a competition form.

The gig is at Gibson Studios on February 13th, 2 days before the back slapping session. You can only get tickets if successful via a mindless competition on Virgin Radio. If you want to enter, visit this link for the entry form:

Just one thing – wouldn’t it be great if he’d done a secret warm-up gig for fans without any commercial attachment? Red Wedge seems a long time ago…

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  1. It’s only a few short years ago he used to win the best male award at the brits, and would always make a big song and dance of not attending to accept as a matter of principle

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