Where are the good Mod bands?

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Earlier, I was trying to compile a list of 10 Mod bands (that are still together and playing), but struggled when I got past three. Is this me being too critical or is there really a complete lack of Mod-friendly bands around these days? And has the tribute band disease killed off bands playing original material?

If you know of any good Mod-friendly bands (by that I mean bands with a good sound, not bands photographed in front of a target with a set full of Small Faces covers), let me know in the comments area below, with a link to somewhere to hear them. And if they really are any good, I’ll feature them on this site.

But make sure they’re good – or it’ll just re-affirm my view that good Mod bands don’t really exist these days.

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  1. Said it before and will say it again bands that IMO have a good sound include Big Boss Man, GDU, Five Aces and Lost 45’s.
    From that lot you get a nice mix of beat, jazz, R&B and funk.

  2. True, but that’s still only 4 – including the 3 I already rated!

  3. Jack Atkins

    there’s the rifles there alright and the on offs the tend to dress abit modish and definately have mod roots lol

  4. David, there is some great talent out there – The Lost 45s, The Bresslaws, Fay Hallam Trinity, Mark Joseph, Peacock Avenue, Small World, Long Tall Shorty, RT4, Thee Jenerators, Green Circles, Freebooting Profiteers etc. All writing and recording their own material, gigging whenever they can and certainly Mod friendly. The whole ethos of Biff Bang Pow Records is facilitating an outlet for Modernist Music of today – just check out our trilogy of compilations, “Shake”, “Shout” and “Shimmy” to find out what’s happenin’ right now. We have now put out 17 releases over the last 2 years. On top of this, “Rowed Out Records” have joined us in this crusade by releasing the debut 7″ by The Shake, and there are still new releases coming out on Detour and Twist. Other great bands to look out for include The Urges from Dublin, The Keepers from Belfast, The Men from Scandinavia and Scarlet Blue from Scotland. And this is without the excellent bands mentioned by Neil earlier. But what these bands need is the support of the Mod public – for instance you can see The Fay Hallam Trinity, The Lost 45s, The Flying Squad and Squire at a 12 hour Alldayer in Birmingham on 30th September (as well as a number of great DJs)for just £8. If you need any more information on the current crop of original bands that are Mod friendly (or the Birmingham Mod Alldayer) then please email me. Best wishes as always, Paul H-K

  5. olorin took

    check out instant wilkie. not your classical cliched “mod” artist, but a modern sound with mod influences.

  6. There are a fair few bands around I rate. In particular, The Tommies and Censored. I have set up a My Space profile “East Midlands Beat Revolution” which showcases a number of bands (including those two plus others who you could describe as “mod” or “indie” depending on your point of view) which can be found at All are young!
    Then there are the On Offs and the Young Soul Rebels. And I personally love The Rifles.

  7. ummmm hows about pickin’ from The Shake,Roundabout,The Rifles,The Clamour,The Bresslaws,RT4,Pope,Censored,The Frank Popp Ensemble,The Green Circles,The On – Offs,Monkeyman,Loop,The Peas……ok some not strictly 100per cent mod but I hope me list helps!

  8. Neil Donaldson

    Why is it that guitar bands with an influence that goes past 1966 never get a look in? I’ve tried to get our band a wee mention on modculture for like 2 years now and its always fallen on deaf ears.
    Anyway, if you can be arsed check out these:-

  9. paul from belfast

    nick rossi set
    gene drayton unit
    the indikation
    moving sounds
    the embrooks
    big boss man
    the gonks
    frank popp ensemble..?
    smashing time
    sugarman 3
    rinaldi sings
    link quartet
    mike painter and the family shakers….
    most are hamondbeat,sure,but mod friendly…

    I think that these are quite good mod bands.
    And I can’t believe that u haven’t mentioned them anywhere 😉
    I’ve seen beatrevolver live on 2 men from linz weekender and I personally think that they are brill!
    Cheers from Warsaw Absolute Beginners!

  11. There are loads of good moddy type bands out there, it depends on what you are after. I can’t see there being a repeat of ’79 or the mid eighties at the moment because there is no-one with the talent or personality of Paul Weller to influence young bands topick up guitars and learn from Motown or The Beatles/ Small Faces et al.
    I personally recommend The Shake!, The Lost 45s & The Keepers for a UK mod band, but there are loads of great 60s garage/R&B bands out there from all over the world.
    For what it is worth the last great mod band in my opinion until the latest crop was THE CLIQUE. A truly great authentic mod band. Big Boss British Beat indeed.
    Finally, please support the labels like ‘Rowed Out’, ‘Biff Bang Pow’, ‘Detour’ and ‘Twist’ etc. as this is sometimes the only outlet for bands.

  12. Can’t believe I didn’t mention Freebooting Profiteers, Grasp, Lost 45s and Peacock Avenue in my earlier post. All are outstanding – just shows the wealth of talent around right now.
    And I definitely pick up a mood among younger people towards modish style and music. There’s loads of stuff on My Space. Check out The Crooks on – they have an awesome song called “All I Need” (Ok its probably more indie than mod but you get the picture).
    Then I came across these – The Boycotts – They’ve only just recorded their first demo which I understand will be online soon. So there’s just vids of them playing in pubs for now. But the one of them playing The Jam’s “In The City” is worth checking. The enthusiasm is very postive indeed.

  13. I am getting more involved in a big pub in Peterborough(capacity 500 and has a 5am licence if needed), and hopefully will be putting on Mod/Indie,Soul,etc monthly nights on.Will check these bands out.Excellent information.

  14. paul from belfast

    probably the reason a lot of these bands are overlooked on the modculture website is that many people on here are soul-northern soul fans and dont drift too far from that part of mod,i was astonished to find out a lot of posters on here hadnt heard the indikations brilliant’in terms of…’ album ,probably the best ‘mod’ album since the clique’s ‘self preservation society’ lp,but each to their own…

  15. Hi, chap.
    you might want to check out
    Probably you find our sound acceptable for your purposes.

  16. Hi have a look at
    can here 4 tracks on there and we have a live CD from a gig at the 100 Club
    have played a number of gigs and will be giging again in september after a slight line up change and some travelling
    have a listen hope you like it

  17. I think there are a lot of bands that are trying to save the modspirit into this young century. If you click through myspace on a modbandsite (like mentioned above), you will find out that there are a lot of modbands worldwide…erm, including me of course,hehe.
    one of my favourites:
    and of course THE MOVEMENT from denmark

  18. Bow Street Runner

    Constantly overlooked but constantly knocking out great gigs around Europe and at home –
    Jarvis Humby – North East England based Hammond driven garage/soul outfit.
    They even have a cock and bollocks-based mod logo – what more do you want.

  19. Russ Crocodile

    You all should check out The Len Price 3, from Chatham, Kent. A Rickenbacker toting trio who play a blistering set of Garagey/Powerpop. A big hit at the Primitive Garage festival in Rotterdam, back in June. They will also be playing as Special Guests to the Stabilisers,(Allan Crockford, ex Prisoners, Solar Flares)at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel,Thursday, September 14th. Hear them on their Myspace site.

  20. paul james molloy

    figure 5 are the best band ive seen on the scene since the clique,most of the band are genuine scene mods,mostly original materiel with a few choice covers,performed with great musicianship,verve and a very mod swagger.
    Ask anyone who s seen them,they blew t in the park apart and have been touring the uk supporting the fratellis,smart as feck too by the way.

  21. Russ Crocodile

    Re. The Len Price 3 gig with the Stabilisers: The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel, is in London.I forgot to mention that.. Sorry, Russ

  22. Have you checked out the New York City-based band, Headquarters? A band that keeps getting better with each new song. One of the few that I know that is moving the sound forward while keeping in touch with its roots. Check out “Day In Bed” and “Crosswords.” Look for new material coming soon. Brilliant!!!!

  23. So Dave, after all these suggestions, what’s the verdict ?

  24. Check out
    Also see their page on
    Wide range of covers, some stuff of their own and very authentic dress and getting better with every gig, check them out in 07, September will see the boys do their stuff at THE Ace cafe.

  25. The real question is What is agreat mod band ?
    Is this a band that cover some JAm or modfather songs ?
    or some guys who takes some pictures with a target on them
    I d’ont think so
    Modernist a culture and we’ve got all in our blood here … i’m sure about that
    I’ve got a band today and I’m a mod since so many years but is my band mod .. ?
    Just ask to Rowed out maybe he’s got an answer.
    Me … not !
    be seeing you mod friends

  26. Have you heard of The Most, they are doing more and more original stuff, and it is brill, a cross between High Numbers and The Jam, their website has a couple of original numbers but having heard them live they do alot more,having recorded a single which has been put on cd for unsigned bands with the tash society to view see or check out their website

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