Various Artists: World of Mod on green vinyl

Various Artists: World of Mod on green vinyl
Various Artists: World of Mod on green vinyl
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Get up and get out of the house tomorrow if you want a copy of World of Mod on green vinyl.

That’s because this is a limited edition and only available in a ‘bricks and mortar’ HMV store. I know, a lot of those have been closed down, but if you happen to be near one, get in as this green vinyl album is limited to just 500 copies in total. So well worth setting an alarm.

No chance of it online as HMV doesn’t currently have a functioning online store. Perhaps a few will drop on eBay from tomorrow, but realistically, it’s taking your chance in a store.

As for the album, it’s a cheeky update on all those Decca ‘World Of…’ compilations of the 1960s but applied to the mod scene, complete with suitably period cover.

Sadly, there’s no track listing, but judging by the artists, I would guess it is similar tracks to the ones that appeared on the Mod Scene and Freakbeat Scene vinyl albums that were released for Record Store Day via the Decca label.

David Bowie, Small Faces, The Quik, Timebox, Chris Farlowe, The Birds, Eyes of Blue…you get the idea.

Available from tomorrow (15th June 2019), it sells for an unknown price, as HMV aren’t disclosing that either. But I would guess around the £15 mark, maybe a little less. See the HMV site for your latest store.

HMV website

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