Worst-ever Fred Perry polo shirt?

There’s been some disagreement over the merits of the Paul Weller-designed Fred Perry polo shirt, but I’m sure there’ll be little disagreement over this.

It’s a Fred Perry designed by hip Danish-born (and now London-based) designer Peter Jensen. I don’t know too much else about this polo shirt apart from what the picture shows – a stretched logo, three buttons…and a bow tie. Amazingly, this weekend’s Guardian describes it as "genius".

No idea of a price or availability. Nor do I much care to be honest!


  1. That has tpo be the most hideous shirt I have ever seen!!!!

  2. paul from belfast

    hideous,truly hideous….and i say that as a custard lover…!

  3. I think this must be for fancy dress!!!!!

  4. How is that genius?

  5. I suppose in as far as making a complete cock-up of hitherto classic goes it could be described as genius!

  6. i heard a mate say they are 85quid ….takin the piss i think they meant to release it on april fools

  7. The Guardian is right – with a pair of skinnys, very ‘Preston’

  8. OMG. That’s the last straw for me as far as FP goes. Another classic label gone the dogs.

  9. OMG. That’s the last straw regards FP.

  10. Looks definitely terrible!

  11. I have this T shirt but it’s got a skinny tie instead of a bow and it looks great. i do think some of the ltd fred perry about is pretty dire but that’s a top quality t shirt there, even if it is properly weird.

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