The classic Lucozade Mod advert

The classic Lucozade Mod advert
The classic Lucozade Mod advert

Remember this one? The classic Lucozade Mod advert, which is probably the best Mod advert anyone has even made.

I honestly can’t recall when this was on TV. Was it the 1990s? Very likely. Whenever it was, it was an agency ‘getting it right’ rather than trying too hard. Ok, it ticks all the obvious boxes (scooters, Jimmy, Brighton and the Kingsmen’s Louie Louie playing in the background).

But that’s no bad thing when it’s all put together so well. So well that you hardly notice that it is pushing Lucozade.

If you haven’t seen it or just want some nostalgia, have a look below to see it once more. Guy Joseph, who has featured a number of times on this site is the one with the ‘shiner’. But many of you will know that.

Anyway, here’s the ad…enjoy…

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  1. Great spot! I’ll have to make that ride on day… though it’s a bit of a lug all the way from the USA.

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