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YouTube: Mods

I don't know anything about this US mini movie titled Mods, so I'll just quote what it says on the YouTube page:

"Short documentary about the mod scene. Vespa scooters, 60s clothes, Parkas its all here. Director: Rob Poswall"

For the rest, check out the clip…


  1. I would say more ‘Sixties-obsessed one-upmanship scenesters with a penchant for mirrors on PXs’ than ‘mods’, but that’s just me…

  2. Still, interesting to see that there are some people in the USA who are taking influences from the UK as it’s more usual to see British kids copying American culture.

  3. Blackpoolrock

    I like the end comment by the MOD wannabee who says “If you haven’t got the confidence, then you’ll never pull off the style”…. try being the only MOD in your school in a northern English town in the early 80’s revival, constantly being chased by hardcore punks and skinheads every day. THAT gives you the confidence to pull it off. yeah they’ve got the sunshine and the morphed into one youth culture blandness in California, but these youngsters just haven’t had the struggles we did in England.

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