YouTube: The Prisoners

Another gem from YouTube this week – this time from everyone’s favourite 80s mod/garage band, The Prisoners.

No idea where this clip comes from, but I do know that it’s a blinding live version of "Melanie" (which you can find on the WiserMiserDemelza CD) from a French TV show. Picture quality isn’t brilliant and the show’s presenter does his best to ruin it, but it’s still fantastic.

Thanks to Steve B for sending this in. If you know of any cool clips on YouTube, please get in touch.

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  1. Bernard Mazet

    As an old fan of the Prisoners, I’m so surprised to find any video document about this band. This one is great cause it proves that, live, they were powerful !!!
    By the way, what was this french TV show ?
    Cheers to Allan crockford if he reads these words.
    Bernard Mazet (from “Captain Kirk”, Belgium)

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